Time Marches On…

IMG_7191Well, we made it through the Thanksgiving weekend, including Black Friday – a sixteen-hour day, preceded by a 6 p.m. – midnight shift on Thanksgiving evening! On Black Friday the mall opened at 6 a.m., and for hours the stores and corridors were absolutely empty! By noon, the crowds had arrived, but I can’t help but think that maybe brick and mortar malls are, indeed, fading away.

Overall, business at the Big Sports Cart kiosk has picked up as fans can’t live without grill sets, slippers, robes, blankets, gnomes, party platters, wreaths, coasters, cups and tumblers, nutcrackers, and team mascot statues – just to name a few of our sports items! Every morning Bill selects a team to highlight, as he displays several items on the front desk for customers to view!

So, what sights and sounds have we experienced since I last blogged, you ask? Well, let’s see..

  • You know people are shopping when babies are being held while strollers become shopping carts!
  • We’ve met more foreign visitors as we add Ireland, Denmark and Switzerland to our previous list.
  • Choice questions of the past two weeks include –
  1. “Do you have any hair ties?” to which I responded, “With sports teams on them?” The retort was then, “No, no you know, when you run and want you hair back?”
  2. Do you do alterations? (Look around!)
  • Overheard conversation snippets include –
  1. Girl on the phone…”Is it asking too much for once to get something for my birthday that I actually like and want?”
  2. Two older women chatting from their restroom stalls…”I’m just so lucky that I have no aches or pains – except my leg hurts at night so I have to call the doctor!”

And finally, the best photos of the past two weeks –

  • It takes no time at all for the ugly Christmas sweaters to appear, and this gent couldn’t have been prouder!


  • They say that after a while dogs and their owners start to look alike. Such is surely the case with this regularly spotted “mall walker!”


  • Hey, a girl’s gotta shop – despite her ankle jewelry!


So, time marches on as we are only 22 days away from the big day! Hopefully, at least half of those who utter, “I’ll be back,” will actually return and grab those gifts for the sports fans in their lives…and Bill and I will be here to assist them!

Happy Holidays!

Stay Calm and Travel On…


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