We’re Back…

Hello Coastland Center Mall in Naples! Yes – you heard me correctly – we are back at the Big Sports Cart kiosk for yet another holiday season!

We’re into our second week, and already Bill and I have slid into the “Groundhog Day Zone” – each day basically the same with 11-plus hours at the mall (soon to be more as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach), followed by a glass of wine, food prep for the next day, sleep – and then repeat!

So, have things changed since last year? Let’s see…

  • Most of the “mall walkers” are still walking- every day. This is a good thing. Bill and I are taking turns walking – both inside and outside the mall – striving for our 10,000 steps daily before things really get busy.
  • Santa’s elves have stopped by to say hello as they gear up for Santa’s “soft opening” on Friday, November 15th and then a full schedule starting Saturday. Still trying to figure out what a “Santa soft opening” entails! Sadly, Santa’s location has changed so we will miss those daily sights.

IMG_3880 (1)

  • Random questions are still being asked by shoppers. The best to date include…
  1. Could you point us to the nearest restroom? (Sometimes asked with more urgency than others!)
  2. Do you sell charging cords for a GPS? (Look around – it’s all sports memorabilia!)
  3. Do you have a small bag I could put my water bottle in to take it home?


  • Naples is still attracting visitors from around the world! Thus far we have met people from England, Argentina, Germany, Italy (check out Mr. Gold Shoes), and Iceland – not to mention the multitude of  tourists from all over the States!


  • No matter how slow the mall may be, at approximately 2:20 p.m., Monday through Friday, the “Backpack Brigade” arrives, as Naples High School, located right next door to the mall, dismisses. As a mom, I wonder why these kids aren’t heading straight home – and have resisted the urge to smack a few – but c’mon, I know better!
  • There is still an awful lot of hand-holding at the mall…couples – young and old, parent/child, siblings, caretaker/patient. Hand-holding continues to be a very good thing. More of us should try it!


  • And even this early in the season, there are men who just can’t stay awake in the mall!

Although things have started off rather slowly – but, hey, it’s still two weeks until Thanksgiving – we are enjoying our interactions with customers (just chatted with a woman looking at our wares for the 20 minutes she had left for her hair dye to set!), as we continually hear, “Oh, I’ll be back; We may be back; I’m so glad you guys are back,” and of course the ever popular “I’ll be back when I find out what team they like!”

Well, the holiday music has begun and we’re back for one of the craziest workamper jobs ever! Stay tuned…

Stay Calm and Travel On…



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