The Countdown Continues…

Here we are, nine days from the big day, and we are in our 44th day here at the Big Sports Cart kiosk, selling everything imaginable for the sports enthusiast! Business has really accelerated as our days have lengthened to 13 hours, with even longer days coming as Christmas day approaches.

So what sights, sounds, and stories have kept me and Bill from going totally crazy since I last wrote?

  • We still have our share of male sleepers – in fact, this gentleman is a repeat offender – I knew I recognized him from last year!
  • What better place than the mall to clean out your purse – and even mend it with a needle and thread!


  • Some shoppers bring their dogs to the mall, while others prefer to bring their bird!
  • “I have 40 minutes until by foils are ready. Why not shop?”
  • Although they moved Santa away from our kiosk, we still watch people as they make their way to the big guy…like this PJ family and another proud sweater wearer!
  • I even spotted a “spirited walker” in the parking lot on one of my daily laps outside around the mall.


My best question of week was posed by a woman who had walked out of JC Penney and plopped three packages of ladies panties (not from Victoria Secret’s) on the counter and said, “I can pay for these here, can’t I?” then paused and added, “And where can I get my nails done?”

Finally, since my last post we have met three very interesting people – although everyone has a story to tell…

  • Although she lives here in Naples full time, Barbara Jordan is the ultimate Eagles fan. Hailing from Philadelphia, Barbara and her husband, John, are the founders of the Barbara and John Jordan Center for Children of Trauma and Domestic Violence Education at Cabrini College. I kid you not when I say she nearly wiped us out of Eagles items as she bought gifts for friends and family, including a Kansas City Chiefs nutcracker for friend, Coach Andy Reid and his wife. Barbara Jordan…a fascinating, generous and driven woman – dedicated to her cause and to her Eagles!
  • Another “kiosk companion” in the mall is Peter Jean-Marie, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who launched his menswear clothing business 2 years ago. Having graduated from the International Fine Arts College of Miami with a degree in fashion design, he is known for his eccentric blazers and for having created a dress out of chocolate! With a successful online business, Peter is sampling the retail arena in the mall. Peter Jean-Marie is an ambitious young man, nicknamed in the fashion world as the “Millennial Mogul.” Watch for his upcoming women’s fashion line!
  • And we can’t leave out another ultimate fan we met last week. As he gathered Florida State and Dolphins items to purchase, in chatting with him, he shared that this boys’ names are Nole and Phin…doesn’t get more devoted than that!

So, the countdown continues as we hope to disappear along with the Big Sports Cart by December 27. Although it’s an experience that affects both mind and body, we have connected with many, many happy shoppers, all of whom have a story to share!

Happy Holidays!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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