Let’s Talk About Real Life!

Our time in New Jersey was over. We bid adieu to Grassy Sound and turned north as our next stop was Johnson City, New York. Was it still cold? Yes! Was it continuously raining? Indeed!

After a 4-plus hour drive, we arrived at Pine Valley Campground in Endicott, NY, anxious to see Kelsey and Ed, and especially our grandchildren, Soren and Abigail! We headed right over to their home, stopping first at Wegmans to grab items from the cafe for dinner. Every town should have a Wegmans!

So, let’s talk about plans…I envisioned our week with family as being filled with grandkid-fun – stealing them from school for at least a day or two – doing absolutely anything and everything they wanted to do! Now, can we talk about real life?

After leaving them that first night and returning to the campground, Soren became sick  with a stomach bug and we were called upon to stay with him the following day, which of course we were pleased to do. Not to belabor the point, but over the next five days, the bug hit Abigail and Kelsey and, yes, I was attacked with the worst stomach flu I have ever experienced! Our time with the kids was minimal and my week was nothing like I envisioned! Finally, on Mother’s Day, the day before we were scheduled to leave, I rallied and we all went to church and shared lunch – sort of – but as you can tell by the attempts at a family photo, no one was feeling totally fine yet and yes, it was still raining! Fortunately, Bill was able to avoid the nasty germs and was even able to travel an hour south to Scranton to see Susquehanna University’s baseball team – on which his grandson, Adam, plays – clinch the Landmark Conference Championship!

IMG_5586Prior to getting hit with the bug, Kelsey and I were able to enjoy a “Paint and Sip” night with several of her friends from work. Our evening began at a local Binghamton restaurant, Remlik’s, where we enjoyed a wonderful meal, after which we walked to Uncorked Creations, to unleash our creativity! Now, my art ability is basically non-existent, but put 4 glasses of wine and a beautiful charcuterie board in front of me, and I become a regular Picasso!

It was an absolute blast! Our instructor, Taylor, gave great directions as she experienced her final “supported” lesson, before being set loose on her own in upcoming sessions. All of us ended up with beautiful creations and had a great time doing it – and the wine was tasty as well!

On Monday, May 13, we left Pine Valley Campground – in the rain – and are now at Atlantic Oaks Campground in Eastham, Massachusetts – our home and workplace for the summer! We were here two summers ago and enjoyed it so much we decided to return! It’s a wonderful campground in beautiful Cape Cod, run by remarkable people – and guess what? The sun is shining today and the air is crisp and clear – and there is no rain in sight! That is certainly an omen for an awesome summer to come!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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