So What Have We Done So Far?

Today marks two weeks that we have been in Cape Cod at Atlantic Oaks Campground for our summer workamping experience. This is our second time working here and we’re often asked, “Why do you return to the same place?” Well, that’s easy – we like the people, we like the geographical area, and we enjoy our job!

Another question that is posed is, “What do you do in the surrounding area the second time around?” This query also begs an easy response – We go back to the places we enjoyed previously and continue to explore and experience new places, sights, and events!

We are into our second week of work – me in the office/store and Bill out on the grounds – and our weekly days off are Thursdays and Fridays. While many workampers settle into a routine and rarely leave “the bubble” (a.k.a. campground), we break that bubble every week! So, what have we done so far…

  • A visit to Cape Cinema in Dennis, Massachusetts on a rainy day. This unique theater has been in operation since the 1930’s and features films – classic and contemporary, theatrical performances, concerts and ballets. All of the viewing chairs are individual comfy red leather seats with throw pillows available to add to your comfort! We saw The Biggest Little Farm, an amazing documentary, and plan to return for several upcoming shows!
  • Breakfast at The Wicked Oyster, housed in a building that dates back to 1750. We had never been to this restaurant in neighboring Wellfleet and will certainly return!
  • A walk through the town of Chatham. Not only can you watch the seals greet the fishermen at Chatham Pier and listen to the Chatham Band on Friday nights in the square, but the town of Chatham is one of my favorite spots. The area is teeming with traditional Cape Cod houses and the town center is lined with shops of all kinds, restaurants and our most delicious shop, Chatham Candy Manor, a staple of the community! We can never walk by without grabbing a taste treat there!
  • A drive to local beaches. We checked out Coast Guard Beach, #6 on this year’s “Best Beaches in the USA.,” dropping one spot from last year, probably due to the numerous white shark sightings last season. We also stopped at Head of the Meadow Beach and Nauset Light Beach where an extremely windy day brought out several awesome windsurfers!
  • A people-watching session in Provincetown. As freelance writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis writes of P-town in the latest issue of Yankee magazine, ” There was a large man in a harness carrying a small man in a Speedo. There was a street performer playing the piano. There were teenagers from the suburbs, grown men from Da. llas, a shirtless Jamaican on a skateboard, a painter lugging his supplies, an activist shouting to be heard, and a handsome man who seemed like trouble…P-town is addictive; it bear-hugs you and dares you to try summer somewhere else.” Need I say more?
  • A visit to the greatest store in Provincetown – Marine Specialties. The Chamber of Commerce describes this unique landmark for over 55 years so perfectly…”It is an eclectic trove of salvage, surplus, slight IRs, closeouts, overruns, misprints, mistakes, spare parts, odd lots, cast-offs, and new and nearly-new items.”  You really have to see it to believe it – the ultimate Army-Navy store!
  •  A Memorial Day/First Birthday BBQ. After the mass exodus from the campground yesterday, everyone who works here – and more – gathered to celebrate the season kick-off and more importantly, the first birthday of Silas, the son of Dan and Katie, the campground owners! Chicken, steak, and veggies on the grill plus delicious sides, and cupcakes for dessert! All of this coupled with adult beverages and a campfire made for a wonderful Memorial Day celebration.

These are just some of the highlights of our first two weeks. We’ve also enjoyed local seafood, ice cream and have joined a gym! So, as you can see, there is a never-ending list of things to discover here in Cape Cod. We’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg but will continue to explore, experience, and share.

Stay Calm and Travel On…


One thought on “So What Have We Done So Far?

  1. We totally agree with returning for a 2nd season at a workamping gig, we’ve done it as well out here in South Dakota. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and love Cape Cod, except for the summer traffic. If you haven’t done it yet, you must do the Capt. John whale watching trip, it’s amazing. We did it summer 2016 when we workamped in Middleboro. Enjoy your summer and especially that amazing seafood!


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