…And We’re Still Smiling!

So what do workampers do in between adventures? Well, in our case, often the so-called “down times” end up being much busier and somewhat crazier than our travel exploits and workamper experiences! Here is just a sampling of what we have spent the month of April doing…

  • Assorted medical visits…Our semi-annual stays in New Jersey always include appointments with every doctor we know! We can rest assured that when we leave town in two weeks, we have a clean bill of health from head to toe, inside and out!
  • Sports stop for baseball… Spent a weekend at Moravian College to watch Bill’s grandson, Adam, play baseball for Susquehanna University as they took on Moravian – Three games over two days – two games were extra innings and one was the coldest game I’ve ever sat through!
  • Inclusive car and RV maintenance…Between servicing and detailing 2 cars and a 40 ft. motorhome, our patience and sharing skills continue to be honed! This trip we have actually been out of the motor home in a rental due to the fact that one of the slide-outs on the motor home was malfunctioning. We were lucky to obtain a monthly rental through a friend – the house being located on Grassy Sound Marina in N. Wildwood, NJ. Even with a roof over my head, do I feel somewhat homeless? Indeed I do. Again, organizational skills are called upon to pack and move out of one’s home – the RV – for a month.
  • Catching up with friends and family… Semi-annual facials and sleepover with my bestie, Catherine; Surprise 70th birthday dinner for girlfriend, Dawn, along with multiple life-long friends; Weekly Sunday morning church and breakfast with Dawn and Gretchen; Grabbing a quick hug from Abigail before and after her flight with her mom to Disney for Easter break! (Dad and Soren bonded as they drove down with all the equipment!); Trip to Philadelphia with girlfriends to see Curious Incident of the Dog at Night at the Walnut Street Theater after a delicious dinner of small plates at Green Soul.  Feast your eyes on this poblano pepper stuffed with corn, black beans and mushrooms!
  • Catching up with friends and family continued…Daily chats with my bestie, Ginny, and now visits at home as she recuperates from a major operation. It takes a lot of talking to keep this woman down for any extended period of time! A spontaneous meeting with Catherine and Chase at the absolutely amazing Cape May County Zoo, along with hundreds of others taking advantage of this wonderful place during Spring break! Various lunch dates with girlfriends – with Lea at Stone Harbor Golf Club, with Terry and Lynda at Avalon Links and then with Nancy again at Avalon Links!
  • A wonderful Easter Sunday…Sunrise service on the beach – a round of golf – a lovely dinner at the Tuckahoe Inn.
  • Concentrated challenging workouts with my trainer Rob… Whenever I am home in NJ, I jump back into training sessions, hoping not to lose the workout momentum both Bill and I strive to maintain! I beg him to torture me and he comes through! Rob recently opened his own facility which has been a dream of his! So glad to be on the receiving end – most days!



Well, we have two weeks remaining in our New Jersey stop and I’m sure our lives will continue to be busy and fun-filled. We’ve also had time for several rounds of golf and a night out here and there. When we leave here on May 7, out next destination is Johnson City, New York, to spend a week with my daughter, Kelsey, her husband, Ed, and the two grands, Abigail and Soren. From there it’s off to Atlantic Oaks Campground in Cape Cod for our next workamper adventure!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

2 thoughts on “…And We’re Still Smiling!

  1. You are having one amazing life. I just read about the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana, and wondered if you’ve ever been in your travels? Bob

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