An Historical Christmas Dinner

My Christmas present arrived on the 2:00 flight from Philadelphia on Christmas day! My son, Matt, is spending the week with us in San Antonio  – he and Bill’s daughter, Sarah, always seem to find us wherever our workamping adventures take us, and this holiday was no exception.

FullSizeRender (2)Since we were going to miss the holiday dinner at Traveler’s World, we had made reservations to dine at the Menger Hotel downtown. Opening in 1859, steps away from The Alamo, the Menger has hosted many dignitaries through the years and was the site of recruitment for Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders! We had a drink at the bar, where the bartender pointed out two bullet holes on an ornate mirror that resulted from a contest between Teddy Roosevelt and one of his men – who could shoot closest to the mirror without shattering it! Teddy won that competition and the mirror still hangs!

IMG_0755We strolled through the hotel lobby on our way to the Colonial Dining Room, taking in various photographs and artifacts chronicling the hotel’s rich history. Matthew even found a strange object that many young people today might find foreign to their experience – a phone booth!

Our Christmas dinner was lovely – a buffet that included everything imaginable from soup to nuts. A most delightful aspect of the meal was the fact that every time I returned from the buffet to our table, my champagne glass was filled to the brim!IMG_0754


The streets of San Antonio were filled with people, beautifully lit horse-drawn carriages, millions of lights, and lots of holiday cheer! We experienced delicious food, never-ending drink, and most importantly, wonderful company! It truly was a Merry Christmas!

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