When it rains…

Looking for a rainy day activity in northern Michigan? Well, we were today and ended up having a wonderful experience! In Traverse City, there are two original theaters, the State and the Bijou, both operated exclusively by volunteers!  Last week when we went to the Bijou, we noticed that on Wednesdays at the State theater they show classic movies at 10:30 am for 25 cents – yes, you read it correctly – only 25 cents! Today, the feature was Manhattan, a Woody Allen film from 1979, starring Woody of course, along with Mariel Hemmingway, Diane Keaton, and Meryl Streep. The theater was quite full and the movie was enjoyable, having not seen it for years. All of the music was Gershwin which was great, but as Bill questioned, “Did they play the music so loud because of all the elderly people here?”Regardless, it was 90 minutes of cinematic pleasure!

We followed the movie up with lunch at Grand Traverse Pie Company which pops up at the top of the list for Trip Advisor’s top restaurants in Traverse City. We shared a sandwich and indulged in a shared and delicious piece of cherry crumb pie! There have been very few rainy days this summer, but this was a great way to spend one!

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