Riding and Swinging!

Our two days off this week were Tuesday and Wednesday and we made the most of both! Tuesday started with breakfast at Joe’s Friendly Tavern in Empire, which has become our go-to place for breakfast and dinner. In fact, after breakfast we purchased t-shirts for son and sons-in-law and oh, Bill bought one for himself! From there we headed to the Visitor Center and began our morning bike ride. We broke down last week and decided to buy new bikes, which we hadn’t done in almost twenty years. We purchased them at Brick Wheels in Traverse City which is an awesome place. Everyone there is very knowledgeable about all of their bikes and everything related to biking. Actually, Tim, the owner, guided us through the process and facilitated our test drives, turning us over to Kyle when we had made our decision. When we returned the following day to pick the bikes up, we were assisted also by Becky.IMG_8468

So back to the bike ride. This area of Michigan is extremely fortunate to have many paved bike trails all through Traverse City and also in our vincinity. The Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail takes riders or runners or walkers from Empire to Glen Arbor and beyond. Our plan was to go from Empire to the Dune Climb and back, which is what we did. We thought about doing the climb as well but decided to save that for another day! All told we biked over 15 miles.IMG_8465

We spent the afternoon playing an 18-hole round of golf at the Dunes Golf Club which is not even a quarter mile from Indigo Bluffs RV Resort.We have played here all season not only because it is close and a well-maintained course, but also because they have a special with the campground where 18 holes and a cart is only $25! How could we not take advantage of that! I must add that I played my best round ever on the first 9 holes but then fell back into my old habits for the second 9! Oh well, something always makes you go back for more – it’s a crazy game but we love it!

Needless to say we got our exercise and finished the day with a delicious dinner of steak, shrimp, potatoes, and corn! Life in northern Michigan continues to be good!

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