Live, Laugh, Bark…a Week of “Firsts”

…A simple sentiment and exactly what we did this past week! What a great way to live!


Our most recent week-long adventure began last Saturday when we picked up Bill’s daughter, Sarah, at the Myrtle Beach Airport. She had flown from Los Angeles with her one-year old pup, Sunny...Airplane – a first for Sunny! Our first stop , after leaving the airport was the Barc Parc, a local dog park, complete with three separate areas – for large dogs, small dogs and all dogs. We took a walk around the lake in the “all dogs” area, encountering various other canines, so Sunny was able to expend some energy after a very long flight.

Sunday was Father’s Day and Bill had not seen his daughter in over a year, so this reunion was special. We celebrated with brunch at Tupelo Honey in The Market Common, enjoying a delicious meal sitting outside. Tupelo Honey – a first for Sunny! Following brunch, we hit the dog park again and then took Sunny to our beach at Huntington Beach State Park. She’s a Pacific Coast pup, but dipped her paws in the Atlantic. East Coast beach – a first for Sunny! We continued our Father’s Day celebration and walked the Village Shops in Pawley’s Island and made our way back to the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk…drinks at the Tuna Shak, walk on the boardwalk and another drink at the Mullet Hut. Marshwalk Bar Crawl – a first for Sunny!


Monday was a work day for Sarah and it ended with a delectable dinner on the marsh at Inlet Provision Company. The view was as delicious as the food!

IMG_1722Next on our itinerary was a road trip to Manasquan, NJ for Bill’s grandson’s high school graduation. We drove almost ten hours with Bill driving most of the way due to torrential rain – not pleasant. Sunny claimed the back seat with Sarah and became quite comfortable. A lengthy car ride – a first for Sunny! We stopped for the night in Lewes, Delaware, which produced another first for Sunny. A night in a hotel – a first for Sunny!

Early Wednesday morning, we boarded the Cape May – Lewes Ferry and enjoyed a beautiful crossing, especially delightful after the previous nasty day. A ferry ride – a first for Sunny! 

It was on the other side of the Delaware Bay that I received a bonus! My daughter, Kelsey, and my grandchildren, Abigail and Soren, are spending three weeks at her dad’s, so we were able to meet them at Uncle Bill’s in Avalon for brunch and a visit. There’s nothing better than seeing those munchkins run toward you, ready with a hug! Before leaving Avalon we stopped at Hoy’s 5 & 10, a local department store since 1936, as well as a photo op at Sundae Best, the very popular ice cream store that Sarah’s mother owned for many, many years. 

Next stop – Manasquan – for Van’s graduation festivities! The Schreck house was filled with family, and we discovered that we were all able to attend the ceremony. It was a beautiful evening, the ceremony was well planned, and the graduates were happy to say the least. I stood by the fence with Sarah and Sunny. A high school graduation – a first for Sunny!


Prior to graduation, we celebrated Aunt Brenda’s 70th birthday, where she was presented with a stunning Wyeth print which, of course, she loved. The family also enjoyed watching Sunny interact with the Schreck’s three cats – Katniss, Buddy and Jersey! I’m convinced if Sunny was going to be there for an extended time, all the animals would be friends or at least put up with each other, but the standoffs were fun to witness! Hanging with three cats – a first for Sunny! Post-graduation included great food, drink, and conversation and two exquisite cakes from Carlo’s Bakery – the Cake Boss!


Our whirlwind adventure continued Thursday morning as we left NJ, with our next destination being the Ritz-Carlton in Pentagon City, outside Washington, DC. Sarah is working for the USO and Sunday they are beginning a live tour – the first in quite a while due to Covid. In just one week, she will travel to military bases in Cuba, Florida, Washington, California, Texas and then back to DC. Our responsibility for this time period is… you guessed it – Sunny! So we spent the night in the Ritz-Carlton, had an absolutely delicious dinner at Bonefish Grill, got our instructions for proper care of Sunny, and experienced yet another canine first. Riding in an elevator – a first for Sunny!


Friday morning we said good-bye to Sarah, helped Sunny get comfortable in the car, and drove the last 7 hours back to Murrells Inlet! We had a wonderful time with family and friends and now…Ten days of dog sitting – a first for Bill and Karen!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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