My Heart is Full…

…And our week in Indiana was filled to the brim with activities and love! So what do you do when visiting your grandchildren – and their parents – when the kids are in school, Mom is a teacher back in school, and Dad is working from home, when he’s not traveling?

The main reason for the visit was to witness 7-year-old Abigail in a local production of “Annie,” but we were able to enjoy the days building up to the play – no down time at all!

IMG_2509First up – Baseball for 5-year-old Soren – and I use the term loosely! Memories came flooding back to me of my own son, Matt, playing T-ball as a young boy – talk about the endless journey! Well, things have changed a bit, at least in Indiana. The coach pitches to each player seven times, and if there is no hit, they bring the tee out and eventually a hit is made. The best rule is that the game lasts either an hour and 15 minutes or until each team is at bat six times – whichever comes first. 

Well, Soren did really well hitting, keeps working on his fielding, and along with his teammates, had a blast on the bench! I think Bill enjoyed watching the bench action more than anything else. Kudos to all the parents out there who volunteer their time, energy, and patience!


IMG_1515Day two of our visit included morning pedicures for me and Kelsey and then a foursome at Top Golf – what fun! We sampled food and drink and tried our best with the clubs. My only question is, “What’s wrong with the scoreboard picture?” I, who have played golf for quite a while, and I, who am in the midst of a series of lessons as I write, was beat by my daughter who has never played golf in her life! Nevertheless, we had a blast! Abigail had her dress rehearsal on Thursday night as her excitement grew!

IMG_1454Later that afternoon Kelsey and I ran to Buff City Soap, a wonderful store that creates all kinds of soap products. I needed a refill of the laundry detergent I’ve been using, and we stumbled upon the master soap maker and her assistant as they were up to their ears in soap creation. Kelsey then took us to the Monon Trail, which is a 24 mile rail trail that runs through the city of Carmel. It truly is amazing as it includes unique play areas, Bocce, ping-pong, and several lounge areas. All of these are found along a biking and walking trail amid upscale stores, restaurants and dwellings. What a really cool place to live!

Abigail and Soren still have virtual learning on Fridays, so guess who was put in charge! I must say, it was much easier than it was previously when we visited when Zoom meetings were still somewhat new. Ed took the opportunity to travel on virtual learning day, which was logical as Bill and I were willing to help – he’s no fool!

Friday night we went to Izakaya, a great hibachi restaurant. What a show our chef put on, and the food was delicious. I even tried a margarita made with sake-infused vodka! 


Throughout our time in Indiana, in our spare moments, we managed to sneak away to the driving range – I needed it after Top Golf, and we got to bond with Bear, the family dog! We also got to witness Soren on his new Slip N’ Slide – remember those?


IMG_1512Saturday was the big day for Abigail, our budding thespian. She was up early, had all of her costumes organized, and was ready to go. I couldn’t have been more proud of my granddaughter. It was remarkable to see this shy and reserved young girl literally light up and become someone else. She played three parts – an orphan, a servant, and a grumpy old woman – it was awesome. Pair that with the music of “Annie” and I was a blubbering grandmother! Following the production, with her flower bouquet in hand, we found a Kona shaved ice truck and celebrated her success.


Our visit culminated in a family bar-b-q featuring Chef Ed and his new smoker. It also included Kelsey and Ed’s next door neighbors who have children very close to Abigail and Soren in age. What great friends and neighbors!

Since no one sleeps past 6 a.m. in the Acker household, we were up and on the road by 7 the following morning! The drive is long and includes no major interstates, but 12 hours later we were safe in Murrells Inlet with lots of tales to tell!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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