What a Difference a Month Makes!

The world has begun to open up slowly here in Cape Cod, with Atlantic Oaks Campground being totally open – with some safeguards in place of course, but the phone is ringing continuously with families making reservations to camp. Everyone wants to get out of the house, and when you think about it, camping is a very safe way to vacation during this time in our country. I also can’t tell you how many people we speak to daily that are new to RVing – the rising statistics regarding recent RV sales must indeed be true!

If you recall a previous post, when Bill and I arrived in Cape Cod in May, one of our first road trips was up to Provincetown, which at that point looked like a ghost town. Commercial Street, which is usually wall-to-wall people was deserted and not one store or restaurant was open. Well, we ventured back this past weekend and boy, had things changed! (check out the before and after photos) I must say that I have seen the town even more crowded, but stores were open as were restaurants – either for take-out or outside dining. The city has definitely come alive as much as it can given the circumstances. Hopefully, reopening will continue and restrictions will eventually loosen.

While there, we walked further than we usually do and stumbled upon the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Unfortunately, it is still closed, but the surrounding grounds are filled with whimsical sculptures to enjoy. Commercial Street is also a wonderful location to find some beautiful, classic Cape Cod homes, where front yards are in full bloom! We also took a drive to Race Point Beach and got a good look at the surrounding dunes and waterways. Historic Route 6 is the roadway that brings visitors onto the Cape and all the way to Provincetown at the uppermost point. One of the items on Bill’s bucket list is to travel Route 6 in its entirety, from Provincetown all the way to California…sounds like another adventure!

In addition to our trip to Provincetown, during our most recent days off we also hit the beach – complete with sweatshirts on and towels covering our legs, enjoyed a campfire, complete with s’mores, and even had time to play a round of golf! We, too, are anxious to get out and return to a life that is somewhat “normal,” although we all know the definition of “normal” may be changing for good. Stay safe and enjoy your summer!

Stay Calm and Travel On…


One thought on “What a Difference a Month Makes!

  1. Nice to hear things are “opening up” there on the Cape. Same here in South Dakota where we are workamping in the Black Hills, phone is ringing off the hook and we are busy, busy, busy…..no complaints from this fulltimer. I sure miss the great seafood from my home state of Massachusetts. Enjoy your blogs and wishing you a great summer.


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