We’re Back!

Bill and I have always thought that life is an adventure – especially the past ten years as we’ve traveled the country, but under the present pandemic circumstances, that phrase rings truer than ever!

We finally left Texas and had confirmed our short stay in New Jersey. After three days of travel we got an email canceling our reservation due to the governor extending the closure of campgrounds in the Garden State. Did we panic? Absolutely not! We simply altered our course and headed directly to Cape Cod, our summer destination!

IMG_8847Having worked at Atlantic Oaks Campground two prior years, it was good to be back, but of course things are on pause here too. Fortunately, the beaches which are part of the National Seashore have never closed – I guess they figure it’s been too cold for anyone to sit on the beach – but we’ve walked it and witnessed only a few visitors thus far.

Once settled, Bill and I quickly returned to our fitness routine – walking and biking – and I found the perfect tree for my TRX strap! The campground is located right on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, a biking, hiking, jogging trail that spans over 20 miles, so now as we utilize it, once again we are witnessing the blossoming of spring, in much the same way we experienced the same in Texas – we follow the pollen, if you will, with ongoing thanks to Zyrtec!

Of course the campground was totally booked for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, so you can imagine how the owners – and ourselves – felt when on Monday the governor outlined the reopening plan for Massachusetts, and Phase 1 did not include campgrounds! A tremendous amount of phone calls later, and everyone is rescheduled, as the open date is now May 25.

Since we have not started to work yet, we have been re-exploring our favorite haunts in the Cape Cod area…

  • Stopped at The Farm and Friends Market for our spring flowers.
  • Had our first campfire of the season!
  • Explored the local restaurants – those doing curbside – including Mac’s Seafood, our favorite fish market and take-out.
  • Drove up to Provincetown which was eerily deserted – all of the stores and most of the eateries are still closed but there were plenty of bare-chested gentlemen riding their bikes! We walked the pier which is usually bustling with fishing charters, whale watching trips and artist cottages and sat quietly at the end of the pier in the sunshine spying a huge yacht along with the larger-than-life photos of Portuguese women, honoring their place in the fishing heritage of this spirited town.
  •  Cruised through Chatham, my personal favorite Cape Cod town, and stopped for lunch at Mom and Pop’s Burgers. Also checked out the golf course which is open – Yay!
  • Stopped to check out our “secret” beach in Chatham.
  • Watched our first sunset of the season at Rock Harbor in Orleans.

So, although things here are still relatively calm and quiet, Bill and I are easing back into the Cape Cod life and taking advantage of the situation…because when things open up, there’s no turning back!!

Stay Calm and Travel On…


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