A Weekend Filled With Unique Friends, Natural Beauty, and The Best Little Dive Bar in Texas – Quite a Combination!

So, what does one do now that the rodeo has left town? San Antonio is a location where one never runs out of things to do, places to go and people to see. We did a little of each this weekend!

IMG_8138While workamping here at Traveler’s World four years ago, we met Vin Lugg, originally from New Hampshire, who at that point in time, was just starting out with a motorhome and his motorcycle. We golfed together a few times, shared some meals and never lost touch – one of the beauties of traveling! Well, we reconnected as he has been staying at Fort Sam Houston campground, and Friday night we met Vin and his girlfriend, Wendy, for dinner. We met at Rosario’s, a very popular Mexican restaurant, but then decided to walk a few blocks to Liberty Bar instead.

IMG_8142Wendy, or Wang Wei, as she is known in her hometown of Beijing, China, has been spending 6 months a year in the states, traveling with Vin. They had met in Tucson, at an RV resort two years ago, made that instant love connection, and the rest is history. It was very interesting to hear of her parents and family members back in China, not being able to leave the house because of the coronavirus, and Wendy, certainly not anxious or even able to return to Beijing in April when her visa expires. We learned how she and Vin coordinate their FaceTime connections to account for the 12 hour time difference and how she is continually working on honing her English skills. We had a delightful time together and a delicious dinner ranging from cocktails to swordfish, salmon, and steak!

IMG_8150Saturday we headed off to Canyon Lake, which is about an hour northeast of San Antonio, in what is considered the Hill Country. After some GPS frustration, we eventually found ourselves at a remarkable lake, complete with a huge dam, several hiking trails, and a rocky shoreline. The water was a deep aquamarine color, and many people were taking advantage of the gorgeus weather as they walked the dam, hiked the trails, and let their dogs take a swim in the lake! The construction of the Canyon Dam was authorized in 1958 and finally completed and dedicated in 1966, serving two purposes – flood control and water conservation. Canyon Lake has eight Corps of Engineer public parks and has a surface area of 8,230 acres and 80 miles of shoreline – a beautiful discovery for us and a treasure for the state of Texas!

IMG_8164On our way back toward San Antonio, on the advice of a neighbor in the campground, we stopped at Devil’s Backbone Tavern, the oldest dive bar in the state of Texas – and proud of it! What a great place! They say the tale is too long to tell but … “In 1937, a chain-smokin’ Texan gal decided to spend everything she had on a beer joint at the top of Devil’s Backbone. Hell, she even built a dancehall, a sinclair pump gas station and raised her kids and grandkids on that hill.”

On a Saturday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. the tavern was filled with cowboys/girls, motorcycle mamas/papas, young families with children, and visitors like ourselves. An awesome band, White Ghost Shivers, had the stage until 4 p.m., and WOW, did they put on a show! Known as “Austin’s #1 Good-timin’ Band,” they played for a solid 2 hours before taking a break, moving from instrument to instrument, and generating such positive energy. My favorite songs included: Little Ole Wine Drinker Me, Boogie Woogie Country Gal, and everyone’s favorite Can’t Find the Doorknob; Can’t Get In! Many people took the opportunity to show off their Texas Two-step as well as any form of dancing you can imagine. As we became part of this fun, I couldn’t help but wonder why people from every walk in life can’t enjoy each other like this all the time!

IMG_8175We happened to be standing close to the sound and light men, who are now our new friends. Actually one of them and his wife had been workampers like Bill and me for six years before settling in the Hill Country. We were invited to what he termed, a “house party,” where a local band is invited to their home to entertain! Unfortunately, we will have departed San Antonio by then – but what fun would that be?! I also couldn’t resist taking a photo of the ladies’ room as I haven’t seen a sign like that since our Baja adventure last winter!


This weekend’s adventures underline the fact that no matter how many times you visit an area, there are always new experiences waiting for you if you look hard enough!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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