A Weekend of Football, Family, Friends, and Fond Memories!

IMG_3331 (1)As I have previously mentioned to my workamper blog followers, and other friends as well, no matter where you are traveling, working, or relaxing, there are certain events in one’s life that cannot be missed. One such occasion occurred this past weekend, as our first stop upon leaving the beauty of northern Michigan was Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.  Bill was the head coach of the 1983 undefeated championship football team, and they were being inducted into the university’s inaugural Ring of Honor!


The weekend was all about Bill, as his daughter, Sarah, flew in from Los Angeles and his older daughter, Cara, along with her husband, Pete, and son, Van, made the trip from Manasquan, NJ. Bill’s elder grandson, Adam, attends Susquehanna and plays football, however, he is momentarily sidelined with a fractured collarbone, so of course, he was there for the festivities as well.

Not really knowing what to expect, I venture to guess that Bill was a tad overwhelmed as over thirty of his players from that 1983 team were in attendance! Even without name tags he recognized each and every one of them as the stories started to flow. Unfortunately, I did not know Bill then, so once again I gained an insight into the effect he had on these now close-to-sixty year old men! As they shared their tales, I (and Bill too) realized how many of them took what they had learned from him on the football field and incorporated those same ideals into their very successful lives!

Just to share a few of those epic stories…

Coach, do you remember… the night I was going to put pillows in my roommate’s bed so you would think he made curfew, and then I turned around and you were in my face simply saying, “DON’T BOTHER!”

Coach, do you remember… the time I (the quarterback no less) missed the bus for an away game? I knew you wouldn’t wait so I ran to see Mr. Chubb, the equipment manager, and he arranged a ride to the game for me – with the coach’s wife!

Coach, do you remember… how many hundreds of times you told us that if the meeting or practice is at 9:00 and you get there at 9:00 – YOU’RE LATE! Many of the players said that to this day, they are never, ever late to anything!

Coach, do you remember… telling us every week that the rest of the world plays 4 quarters, but NOT US – we play 5 and will always play 5!

Coach, do you remember… before every game you would tell us how hard the game was going to be – “tougher than the shootout at the O.K. Corral and all women and children should head for the hills!”

The stories go on and on and were shared with not only Coach Moll but also with family and friends. Bill’s own daughters were even able to tell several of the players about the schoolgirl crushes they had on them way back when they were in elementary and high school.

Besides seeing Bill on the wall in the field house lobby (check it out above), what also amazed me was the success that these men have experienced. Their occupations range from a high ranking Marine officer to independent business owners; from opthamologist to lawyer; and from teachers to, of course, coaches. It was a wonderful event, once again emphasizing the fact that most of us don’t really realize the impression we leave on others. It is truly a wonderful thing when it all comes into focus – and with sincere thanks! Congratulations to all of the Ring of Honor inductees!

IMG_3318 (1)In addition to the major event – the Ring of Honor induction – the weekend was filled with seeing old friends that still live in the area, eating and drinking with family and others, reminiscing about life lived in central Pennsylvania, and attending a Selinsgrove High School football game on Friday night and then the Susquehanna University game against Muhlenberg on Saturday!

Family, Football, Friends….Fond Memories! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Stay Calm and Travel On!

2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Football, Family, Friends, and Fond Memories!

  1. Congratulations, Ring of Honor member! Enjoy your winter travels,and keep us posted on your whereabouts. Love reading your blog.


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