Never Can Say Good-bye!

The Jackson 5 song title, Never Can Say Good-bye certainly rings true this week, as one of the hardest things associated with workamping is actually leaving a location after spending 5 or more months working and living together with new acquaintances and often some familiar faces, if you have returned to a job for multiple years. Of course, about mid-August, if not sooner, the most popular question from colleagues and even some resort guests is, “Are you coming back next year?” Bill and I usually evade the question as we like to keep our options open and remind ourselves that the reason we are engaging in the workamper lifestyle is to experience as much of this country as possible. So even if we don’t return to a location, do we really ever say “good-bye”… I think not.

IMG_3227In most RV resorts and campgrounds, a workamper event usually marks the end of the season. In our nine-year workamping experience, these events have ranged from a barbeque to dinner at a local restaurant, to an informal gathering where bonuses and/or gifts were given, to a celebration including campground guests. This year at Indigo Bluffs, we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner, grilled by our manager, accompanied by delicious sides and flowing wine and beer. The resort owner was even in town, so he provided some delicious dessert. The event wouldn’t be complete without Oliver, the basset hound belonging to our general manager, Kristin! IMG_3220

IMG_3238The entertainment for the evening was produced by two colleagues, Linda and Suzanne, who really did a great job with “Paper Plate Awards!” Everyone on staff received an award, honing in on a strength they exhibited this summer – in a humorous way! For example, Bill received the “Feng Shui Award” for “harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment.” Translated that means that Bill is the most wonderful site cleaner there is. He thoroughly cleans your firepit but doesn’t stop there… your site is raked symmetrically including around your firepit! Other awards included “Indigo Concierge,” “Squirrel Award”, “Lilly Tomlin Award” and “Elvis is in the House Award!” Use your imagination to translate the meaning of those awards…all in good fun!

IMG_3230So the season ends, and workampers go their separate ways. Some will travel together while others head southward to settle for the winter, only to return to Michigan next May. Bill and I also have others to whom we bid adieu – my hairdresser, Mandora – Margaret, our friend who works at Art’s Tavern – and Stacy and Liz, the owners of my summer gym along with various exercise friends!


Where will winter take Bill and me, you ask? Well, we have a somewhat crazy and exciting season planned from coast to coast. Continue to follow us on and find out!

A friend I met while workamping in Arizona years ago shared this quote  from Anais Nin, and I think about it every time we have to leave a community of new friends and colleagues…

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”  Each season of workamping brings new friends into our world so, no, we really never say good-bye!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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