Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

IMG_2300After spending the month of April in New Jersey with family, friends and doctors, Bill and I are settling in at Indigo Bluffs in Empire, Michigan. Over the past eight-plus years, we have traveled to nine different locations as workampers, working in RV resorts and campgrounds in various positions.

Many of the people we have met along the way in our same positions find themselves returning to the same spot season after season, which of course is fine and comfortable. For the most part, however, we have given in to wanderlust – “a strong desire to travel”- and have taken the opportunity to see parts of the US that perhaps we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

IMG_2302This summer we decided to return to Michigan, having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here two summers ago. Have we seen and experienced everything in this geographical area? I think not. There will always be a new trail to hike, a new river or lake to kayak, a different festival to attend, and yes, an unexplored vineyard to experience.

IMG_2301We continue to settle in and we have been surveying the area to see if anything has changed – new stores and restaurants, new homes on the lakes,  a different golf course to tackle, new classes at the gym! We even made a stop at Inspiration Point, an elevated overlook at Big Glen Lake! We will start our work schedule in a few days, with some former faces, as well as several new workamper friends. That comfort level is there to a point, but every year things change, dynamics evolve and a fresh camping season takes place!

So…can you go back? We certainly think so!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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