A Very Special Place Indeed!

IMG_1676Thenks to the generosity of Bill’s daughters and family, we were able to spend an overnight at a very special place – Horseshoe Bay Resort. We left Sunday morning and headed due north to Marble Falls, Texas – actually a lovely ride out of the city and into the hill country. In our hour and 45 minute drive, it didn’t take long for the flat city highway to transform into undulating mountains sprinkled with magnificent homes! The resort sits on the Colorado River and overlooks LBJ Lake.

We had a 1:16 tee time at Slick Rock Golf Course, one of four courses at the resort, so we arrived in plenty of time to check in to the hotel and prepare for golf. A beautiful room with an amazing view, second only to the beautiful golf course! When I made the reservation, I was asked which course we wanted to play. We selected Slick Rock because of our curiosity about the “million dollar hole.”

IMG_1680The course was in great shape with fairways turning green, trees beginning to bud, and speaking of greens – they were perfect – championship level for sure. It’s always challenging to play a course for the first time but we simply followed the twosome ahead of us and followed the advice of the starter – “Stay left on holes 1, 3, 6, etc.” – easier said than done I might add! The front nine went smoothly as the anticipation grew for hole 14 – the “million dollar hole.” The tee boxes were slightly elevated and your drive had to go over a waterfall to reach the fairway. Bill teed off first and made it over with ease. I was not certain I could get over it but gave it my all and indeed I made it! We had also been warned about driving slowly from the tee to the fairway as you must maneuver a narrow bridge partially covered with water. As we wound around, we discovered the “Ladies’ Tee” on the other side of the waterfall! Imagine my delight that I had conquered the waterfall on the infamous “million dollar hole!” In celebration, we treated ourselves to a drink from the cart girl on her next pass-by!

IMG_1694Later Sunday evening, we dined at the resort’s Lantana Restaurant. Not only did they make an excellent dirty matrtini, but the meal was delicious – as you can tell from the empty plate!

After sleeping in on Monday morning, we cheecked out tof the resort and headed into Marble Falls. Our next door neighbor at Travelers World was born and bred in San Antonio and has shared some wonderful culinary recommendations throughout the winter. Larry said that we couldn’t leave Marble Falls without eating at the Blue Bonnet Cafe, so…we did! Great breakfast – warm homemade biscuits, great cooffee and famous for their pies – so we had to take a slice of banana cream pie home with us!

When you workamp, it’s always good to “get outta Dodge,” as Bill puts it, and that’s exactly what we were able to do, thanks to  the generosity of family! Horseshoe Bay Resort is truly a very special place!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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