Focaccia…It’s So Much More Than Bread!

Well, followers, it’s been a while! We’ve been working our two days a week and getting back into the swing of things in San Antonio. We also flew home to New Jersey to see our children and grandchildren and to attend a retirement event for a dear friend. Quite a travel adventure, I must add – too long to relate but let’s just say it involved “breaking and entering”…twice!

This past weekend we returned to an Italian restaurant in Southtown San Antonio that we had enjoyed previously – La Focaccia Italian Grill. Bustling with families and holiday parties, we were guided to a comfortable booth and greeted by our server, Roland. As we heard music wafting from the other end of the large dining room, it dawned on me that the same gentleman – accompanied by his wife – that we had enjoyed two years ago, was still entertaining diners. To be a tad more specific, we were being serenaded by Baron Francois de Berenx and his lovely wife, Danielle. As we enjoyed our meal and a smooth bottle of Chianti, Francois walked around the dining room visiting with patrons, sharing his story, and asking for special requests. I quickly realized that Danielle’s primary job was guiding her husband back to his piano when he became too chatty with diners! He was, after all, being paid to entertain!

FullSizeRender (220)

What an interesting character Francois de Berenx is! Born in the southwest of France, he graduated from a school of interior design in Paris and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Southeast Asia, designing homes for dignitaries and managing antique and art galleries. He also resided in Monaco for six months, assisting Princess Grace in planning the 25th anniversary celebration of the reign of Prince Rainier III. Francois married Danielle in 1970 and became an American citizen in 2000.

Rounding out this intriguing gentleman is the fact that he never took a piano lesson! He has a natural musical gift which he has shared with diners at La Focaccia for over ten years! Our dinner was delightful as was our interaction with and enjoyment of Francois de Berenx…truly a classic!

Stay Calm and Travel On…


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