Never Can Say Goodbye!

IMG_1705“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.” These words by Winnie the Pooh are perfect in describing how I felt last week when Bill and I left Atlantic Oaks Campground, after a four month workamping experience on Cape Cod. Even though we left on the tail of Hurricane Jose, it was difficult to say farewell to a group of people whom we had grown to love. Good-bye is perhaps the most difficult aspect of successful workamping jobs, but we look at it as not necessarily leaving or losing friends but rather as gathering them as we travel the country.IMG_1703

On Tuesday before our Thursday departure, in addition to preparing the RV – inside and out – we took the time to stop at the beach and see first-hand what Hurricane Jose was doing to the Cape Cod shoreline. Although we have experienced many similar meteorological disturbances at home on the Jersey shore, the ocean here was angry, indeed, and it appeared that the forecasted beach erosion was a certainty. There is, however, a sense of exhilaration, standing on the beach in a driving wind!

FullSizeRender (168)That evening we were hosted by our managers, Dan and Katie – and little man Roman, of course, at Ember in Harwich. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Bill and I search for the perfect pizza wherever we roam, and we thought we had found it at another local restaurant. After dining at Ember, however, we both said we wish we had discovered this early in our stay.  In addition to Dan and Katie, we dined with our summer teammates Brian and Linda Morgan and Tom and Judy Harland and boy, did we eat well! Just imagine sampling these coal-fired pizzas…shrimp scampi, chicken pesto, Andouille and apple, fig and prosciutto or scallop and bacon! Only in your wildest pizza dreams! What a wonderful way to end an awesome summer season!

On Thursday morning when the real good-byes occurred, it wasn’t easy, and it never is. We travel on with memories in our pockets and new friends in our hearts…and you never know when our paths may cross again!

Stay Calm and Travel On…


2 thoughts on “Never Can Say Goodbye!

  1. As always, really enjoy your diary and living vicariously at times with you. Checked out the menu at Ember. Very impressive–but a blueberry pizza? That is wrong!
    Look forward to seeing you guys!


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