A Maine Adventure!

As many of you know, we have been workamping for the past seven years and for three of those summers, we worked in Maine at Wells Beach Resort Campground. I was not blogging at that time but have journals filled with our adventures and memories. We knew we couldn’t be on Cape Cod this summer and not take the time to return to Maine to reconnect with all of the people we worked with there. We received that opportunity this past week as we left the Cape late on Labor Day and headed to Wells, Maine!

FullSizeRender (164)We did not take the motorhome so we stayed in a hotel across the street from the campground. Arriving late, we stopped into one of our regular haunts – Billy’s Chowder House – for chowder, fried clams and scallops, along with beer and wine! It was near a full moon so after dinner we drove the mile to the beach and watched the high tide waves crashing against the bulkhead.FullSizeRender (165)

Early the next morning we dined at Horizons Family Restaurant, again a favorite breakfast stop. We then stopped at Congdon’s to buy a dozen doughnuts to take with us to share at the campground. Now, if you are a follower of my blog, you know how doughnuts continue to be an important part of my life – it’s why I work out on a very regular basis! I can honestly say that Congdon’s doughnuts are the absolute best we have encountered in our travels. All summer long, the doughnut line reaches out into the parking lot, and you never hear anyone complain about spending $23 – that’s right – $23 for a dozen doughnuts!

FullSizeRender (166)

Well, of course we were a hit at the campground with doughnuts in hand, and it was wonderful to see so many of the same people we worked with for three summers. We visited for quite awhile and then hustled to Dutch Elm Golf Club for our 12 noon tee time! We really have not played much golf this summer, so it felt great to swing that club again – and again – and again!

Our plan for the evening was dinner with the owners and managers of Wells Beach Resort Campground. We had talked about going out but then Shirley Griffin, campground owner, insisted we come to her magnificent beachfront home for a lobster feast so we could relax, take our time, and catch up with each other. There were seven of us at dinner and believe me, it was quite the feast! Look at this beautiful table – We enjoyed a delicious salad, steamers, twice baked potatoes, lobsters, corn on the cob, and blueberry pie! I am still tasting it in my mind and will be for quite awhile!


The three summers that we worked at Wells Beach Resort, we lived next door to a wonderful couple, Harry and Colleen Hanson, who are “seasonals” at the campground. Originally they were not going to be there when we visited, but their plans had changed so we arranged to meet them for lunch. It was a terribly nasty day with torrential rain at times, but we had a delightful visit and delectable lunch at David’s KPT in Kennebunkport. Following our lunch, we scooted down to Kittery to the outlets and one of our favorite places, the Kittery Trading Post!

FullSizeRender (163)I know it seems as though we were trying to fit in an inordinate amount of activities into a very short period of time, but another activity we so enjoyed while living and working in Maine was attending performances at the Ogunquit Playhouse.  After investigating the schedule, we had purchased tickets to see Heartbreak Hotel, a new musical based on Elvis Presley’s early years. It was interesting in that the play is actually a work in progress, an experiment if you will, with script and musical numbers changing even on a daily basis. I must admit I felt the dialogue needed some tweaking but the musical numbers and voices were tremendous!

Thursday morning, we bid our farewells and took our time getting back to the Cape. We were able to re-live and re-visit several of our favorite Maine moments in three days – a totally enjoyable Maine adventure, for sure!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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