Swimming With the Sharks!

Just a snippet today, our second full day off this week. After a multitude of rainy and/or cold days, today I would call perfect. It felt crisp and rain-washed and the sky was crayon-color “sky blue!” After treating ourselves to Hole-in-One coffee, we went for a morning bike ride, only about ten miles to the town of Orleans and back – delightful!

IMG_0829Our managers here at the campground are both native Cape Codders so they have been invaluable with offering suggestions about where to go in the area. They are self-proclaimed “foodies,” so many of their recommendations involve food – have I mentioned the reason we exercise? Today’s tip included a lunch stop at the Corner Store in Orleans. This eating establishment’s motto is “fresh, fast, and fun,” with an emphasis on sustainability and a focus on not only “farm to table” but also “pier to plate.” They specialize in custom crafted burritos and creative salads and also boast about their whoopie pies and gigantic Rice Krispy treats! The atmosphere is comfortable and eclectic – look at this funky lamp for example.IMG_0828 We shared a Buffalo Chicken Burrito – complete with black beans, rice, Jack cheese, pico de gallo, romaine, celery and buffalo-ranch dressing. That, with Cape Cod chips and a bottle of water, and we were in heaven! IMG_0827




From there we went in search of an out-of-the-way restaurant that our managers also shared. No, we weren’t going to continue to eat, but wanted to scope it out for a future endeavor. We found the road and just as they described it – no sign, a rather run-down looking home with an ivied front yard and grass that needed to be cut. It was amazing! It’s a French Bistro run by a genuine French couple – he cooks and she handles the entire front of the house. They have a full bar and a limited but delicious-sounding, diverse menu. They are only open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday, do not take reservations, and they accept only cash or American Express! How funny is that! The couple happened to be outside in the yard when we stopped- perhaps getting ready to mow! We waved, yelled hello, and said we’d be back. We absolutely love such places and certainly look forward to dining there.

IMG_0830Our last scheduled stop today was back to Chatham – which you might recall is where I would choose to live on the Cape. Oh, but wait! One thing that Bill really likes to do – not just here in this location, but everywhere we travel – is to see a dirt road…and take it! We did that today and as always, it was well worth the drive! Although dirty and rough, we traveled this winding road through the woods for several miles, some of which paralleled the Cape Cod Rail Trail, but only a few homes were tucked deeply away from absolutely everything except nature! Lost in the woods you would never know you were in coastal Cape Cod!

After emerging from our temporary forested detour, we headed toward Chatham. We had heard on the news about an exhibit of artistic sharks that were on display in the “town center.” The news story was actually about a group of girls that attempted to steal one of the sharks, before they realized there were security cameras surveying the exhibit. Actually, the sharks are amazing, each created by a different artist and each sponsored by a local store, restaurant, or business. We saw them all in one place but they are now going to be placed all around town and remain there until after Labor Day. The city is promoting a Scavenger Hunt, where everyone is invited to find each whale and match it to its sponsor. Upon completion and 100% accuracy, the “hunter” will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing. What a creative way to get people into local businesses. And look at the beautiful and unique sharks….Can you find the one…

  • made entirely of bottle caps – all light beer?
  • created with sprockets and sponsored by a bike store?
  • shaped out of mylar balloons and shopping bags found on Cape beaches?
  • produced only in black and white?


FullSizeRender (92)After a quick stop at the Chatham Candy Manor – yet another recommendation – we headed home, having enjoyed another day off in Cape Cod. Back to work tomorrow and for the next five days!

Stay Calm and Travel On…         FullSizeRender (93)

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