It’s Not Your Typical Ham and Cheese…

IMG_0708But it’s a Sandwich! Sandwich, Massachusetts, that is! Yesterday’s journey was to this Cape Cod town, specifically to Heritage Museums and Gardens. Acting on yet another recommendation, I had found a Groupon for admission, so off we went. I must admit we were a tad early in the season to get the full effect of the gardens as it boasts a wide range of rhododendrons – more than I ever knew existed – in addition to trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and more. We strolled through the gardens first, including a labyrinth and another maze, a pond fed by a sculpture fountain, a windmill that had been moved to the gardens, and a learning area and tree house, where school-age children were in the midst of education. A huge billboard-size display shows visitors exactly what will be in bloom month by month. As I said we were early; however, it was neat to see most plants and trees at that point where they were about to explode into bloom and color!

The Heritage also presents an art exhibit that changes on a rotating basis. Presently, the exhibit is entitled Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views. Not only did the gallery give us a temporary respite from the 80+ degree heat, but the exhibit also included a vast number of artists and their interpretations of modern landscapes of all kinds. There were also very knowledgeable volunteers in the gallery, who added interesting information about the artists and their particular style of painting. This photo is actually of one of the paintings; I liked it as it seemed life-like, similar to the outdoor gardens we had just experienced!IMG_0712

There is also a carousel gallery and a working 1908 merry-go-round that visitors may ride free of charge, but the highlight of the visit for Bill was the Automobile Gallery, where there are both antique and classic cars on display, most of which are part of the collection of Josiah Lilly III, the founder of the Heritage. There are approximately 40 cars in the collection that are displayed on a rotating basis. All of the cars have been remarkably restored and 19 of them are still drivable. An interesting behind- the-scenes fact we learned from one of the volunteers is that a local car collector club takes care of the cars on a regular basis, tending to the exterior and interior and what she called “exercising” the cars. They drive the ones that they can and move the others – pushing them, opening and shutting doors and other car parts.  The volunteer likened it to humans needing to move and exercise in order to remain at an optimal level. Quite an interesting display of vehicles – most of which Bill could identify! I was impressed.

Following the Heritage, we ventured into Sandwich, in search of – you guessed it – a seafood restaurant named Seafood Sam’s. This recommendation actually came from one of my blog followers and former education colleague who shared fond memories of spending summers with an aunt who lived in Sandwich. Thanks for the recommendation, Barbara – it was great!

So ended another day in the Cape. What on earth will we do when our full work schedule kicks in?

Stay Calm and Travel On…


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