Bring On The Sunshine…Finally!


FullSizeRender (13)After a seemingly endless string of bad weather, including cold temperatures, cloudy skies, rain, and even snow, yesterday in Oconee County, South Carolina was picture perfect with the sun shining and a temperature of 75! We took advantage of the day and started with a round of golf. I took a lesson from the pro here at Chickasaw Point last week – before the snow – so my intent is to practice, practice, practice what he imparted. Actually, he changed my entire swing, but what seemed like a miracle on the driving range unfortunately hasn’t transferred immediately to the course! Speaking of the course, I wish that all of our golf buddies in Texas, Michigan, and Florida could play this course. I have never experienced 18 holes with such varying altitudes and crazy topography – and talk about undulating greens – unbelievable! It is a beautiful course, however, one on which you feel like every hole is isolated from the rest. In fact, it is so spread out that they do not allow walkers!

We had an encouraging start! l. I had a par on the first hole which has never happened! Then on hole #2 a bee landed on my neck, and when Bill swatted it off, he inadvertently pushed it inside my shirt! Well, if you own a home on the second hole at Chickasaw Point, you got quite an early morning show! I am screaming and Bill is trying to help me strip my shirt and jacket off. Yes, I stripped right down to my intimates as Bill proceeded to finally remove the bee’s stinger from my back! I guess you had to be there, but it was a golf show like I’ve never seen, let alone been the star! We almost stopped after nine, due to my frustration (with my game, not the bee!), but we continued and I am glad we did. Both of our back nines were remarkably better than the front! I pledged to continue with my “new swing” and see how things go!

IMG_9269Following our golf game, we decided to go to Anelo Grill for lunch. Having been to Austin, Texas and Traverse City, Michigan, I thought I’d had my fill of food trucks. Would you believe that right down the street from where we are living is an isolated food truck, owned and operated by two local women. They specialize in burgers using Angus beef and a variety of other sandwiches, all utilizing local ingredients! Bill opted for a burger and I tried one of their homemade veggie burgers – delish! If you knew this area of South Carolina you would never think such a food truck would be located here, but we are certainly glad it is!

IMG_9268That was basically it for the day, but I couldn’t have been more pleased to have enjoyed such a beautiful, sunny, and warm day. My only hope is that such days continue!

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