Chickasaw Point Chatter

After traveling two more days after my last post, we arrived at our winter destination on Thursday, November 3, nestling in at Chickasaw Point. We are one of five couples living and working here on an absolutely gorgeous golf course and the Trails Grill, or as golfer’s say – the 19th hole!

We spent the next day continuing to settle in and meeting our partners in crime, five workamping couples from all different places and at various points in their workamping adventures. Some are just starting out while others have been at it longer. We, however, are the most seasoned of the group with regard to travel and work experience. Everyone is extremely friendly, helpful, and fun-loving. Chickasaw Point is definitely out in the South Carolina country, so we traveled twenty minutes to Seneca for groceries and found a great bike shop in Clemson called South Paw Cycles. Our bicycles travel on the back of the Jeep which is towed by our motor home, so as you can imagine, the bicycles get jiggled around somewhat. In fact, my wheel loosened while Bill’s brakes needed adjustment and his back rack actually came unbolted! Great, knowledgeable staff fixed my wheel immediately and kept Bill’s bike to work on it.

FullSizeRender (68)Saturday, we began working – Bill outside on the course and myself in the Trails Grill. We only work three 5-hour days so this is very different for us – we love it! The work is not stressful in the least and we are in a position to meet many of the Chickasaw residents and golfers. One of the perks of the job is unlimited free golf so Sunday after work we tackled the course! Oh my! I have never played a golf course with such elevation changes! While on any given hole, one has the feeling that they are alone on the course, as each hole is separated from the other. You may hear a cart in the distance, but the beautiful scenery and roling hills provides one of the most challenging golf experiences imaginable! For me, it will take a while to “get to know” the course. They say it’s all about ball placement – I’ll keep you posted!

Today, Tuesday (Election Day!) we joined a gym – Core 24. Seems like a great facility, offering a fully equipped gym plus various classes which are included in the membership. Finding a comfortable place to work out is always a priority for us wherever we travel, and Core 24 fits the bill! (no pun intended!) After our workout, we picked up Bill’s bicycle  at South Paw Cycles and explored the towns of Walhalla, the county seat of Oconee County and Pendleton, a great little village near Clemson University.

Tonight, our work assignment was the “Nine and Dine,” a weekly event where couples play nine holes and then have dinner in the Grill. We worked with one other couple – the men bartended while the women helped in the kitchen, served and manned the cash register! Bill, who has bartended forever, learned about the “Chickasaw pour.” Here at Chickasaw you fill that glass of wine or beer up to the very tippy top of the glass and are very appreciated for doing so! Again, no stress – just lots of friendly people enjoying their community and golf course! Speaking of Chickasaw being “their community,” it truly is. Years ago the original developer pulled out of the community and golf course, so rather than let the location fall into disrepair, the residents banned together, pooled their talents and resouces, and revitalized Chicksaw Point! They do indeed have a vested interest in its beauty and success and take pride in everything associated with it!

IMG_9035So, we are off to a great start here at Chickasaw Point. We don’t work again until Friday so we have more exploring to do! Tomorrow we may venture to the Doodle Trail, a paved bike trail that the guys in the bike shop shared with us. Stay tuned!

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