On the Road (And Water) Again!

After five weeks of family, friends, and fun, today we hit the road again for our winter adventure! Of course we leave with mixed feelings as it is always hard to leave family, but we also look forward to a new job, a different environment, and of course, warmer weather. This winter we are trying something new and different. We will be working at Chickasaw Point in Westminster, South Carolina, which is a gated home community on a golf course. We will be living in an area of about 10 RV sites dedicated for family and friends of community members as well as workampers – us! We will not be on the coast but rather in the western tip of South Carolina, near Clemson University. I may be colder than I like but the distance from home and the workamping position enables us to get home for Thanksgiving and Christmas which we have not done for the past six adventurous years!

I will be working in the golf course grill room while Bill will spend his days outside on the links. As I have mentioned before, every workamping situation is unique, and here in South Carolina we receive our site along with unlimited free golf! If my game doesn’t get better here, there is absolutely no excuse!


So our plan this morning was to catch the 10:30 ferry from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, Delaware, and then to drive only to Virginia Beach, VA. We often stay at the Virginia Beach KOA on the way home from the south, but we had never stayed there on the southern trip. It was a cloudy but pleasant day; the trip across on the ferry was very smooth, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was beautiful. We arrived at the KOA by 4:30 which was just enough driving for today. Of course Bill does the driving although he will tell you I do some very intense driving from the passenger’s seat!


Most of the time when we stop overnight, we just leave the Jeep attached to the motor home and either cook in or walk to a restaurant if there is one within a reasonable distance. Here in Virginia Beach, however, we have found an absolutely amazing seafood restaurant called Margie and Rays, so of course we disconnected the Jeep, checked to make sure they were open and after relaxing a bit, headed to Sandbridge Beach. We enjoyed a delicious dinner including crab chowder, shrimp, scallops, wine – and each other of course! This particular eating establishment is remarkably busy in the summer season but tonight there was no wait and it was as wonderful as we remember. We would highly recommend planning your trip through this area including a meal at Margie and Rays!


We have also stayed at this KOA several times and recommend it as well.This area of Virginia can get very busy and congested, but the campground is convenient and is open all year round. All in all a good travel day to start our winter adventure!



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