Bagels, Bogeys, Biking, Bubba’s and … Moomers!

Ah, yet another day off! We always try to plan our time off to some extent but often find ourselves discovering new things along the way, wavering from our plan – but that’s OK! We headed to Beulah, Michigan giving ourselves plenty of time to stop at L’Chayim Delicatessan for coffee and a bagel. In all of our travels, we constantly look for authentic, delicious bagels and also for what we consider to be good pizza. Keep in mind that we are from New Jersey which is known for having both excellent bagels and pizza! Well, we found the bagels at L’Chayim and this time even brought a dozen back to our co-workers at Indigo Bluffs! Imagine finding delicious bagels in “up state!”

As mentioned in an earlier post, one of our favorite pastimes is golf! Often we get familiar with a particular course and then hesitate to branch out and try others. Well, today, as a result of a generous gift card, we traveled to play at Crystal Lake Golf Club, also in Beulah, Michigan. It’s a beautiful course, yet very challenging – especially the greens. It was a Monday and it was not crowded at all which is always nice. They have been running a special on Mondays and Thursdays – $1.00 Days – where a round of 18 holes plus the cart is only $25.00. Really can’t beat that anywhere, but can you say “three put?”IMG_8496 (1)

My reference to wandering away from the plan began on the way home from golf. We recently bought new bikes here in Traverse City at Brick Wheels and we now decided that we need a substantial cover for them when traveling in the motor home and towing the Jeep, with the bikes on the back. A friend recommended Grand Traverse Canvas, so we stopped at home, put the bikes on the rack and headed for Traverse City. Once again, we were met with knowledge, creativity, reasonable prices, and great customer care. Larry literally created the cover in his mind and then shared the plan and suggested materials with us. We are on the countdown here in Michigan, but that’s no problem for Larry. He assured us he could have the cover completed in a week tops! We even called him back this morning and asked if he could put “windows” in the cover so drivers could see our back lights and turn signals. No problem for Larry! They specialize in boat covers but can really do anything imaginable with canvas! I would highly recommend Grand Traverse Canvas!

Since it was bordering on 6:00p.m., we wandered once again and decided to try a new place for an early dinner. It had been mentioned by several people so we gave it a shot – Bubba’s on Front Street in Traverse City. Earlier in the season we had driven by and the line was out the door, but this time we walked right in and were seated immediately. Keep in mind it is the week before Labor Day – the last hurrah – which is usually a tad slower in resort areas. Bill had a burger and beer while I had shrimp tacos and a local pinot grigio (Bowers). Both were tasty, yet nothing over the top for either of us.

So of course one can’t have dinner without dessert, so on our way home to Empire we stopped at Moomers! This location is on the actual farm so you not only get a delicious cone of your favorite flavor, but you also can sit outside and chat with your favorite Moomers cow! I chose salted caramel and Bill went for a standard – chocolate – in waffle cones of course! Moomer’s has been named one of the best ice creams in the nation, so be sure to put it on your list!

IMG_8500I am exhausted just sharing the day with you, so you can imagine how we felt when we arrived home. It was a beautiful night, however, so we capped it off with a fire – built and maintained by Bill, one of the best Boy Scouts around. Again, another eventful day in northern Michigan!

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