And It’s Only Been Two Days!

IMG_1272One of the reasons we go to Indiana the week before Christmas is to view a play our two grandchildren are in – this year it was “101 Dalmatians.” For three years now, Abigail and Soren have attended the Roots School of Theatre in Fishers, Indiana, and have performed in two productions a year. In “101 Dalmatians” Abigail was the narrator – a poodle, and Soren played one of the puppies as well as Jasper, one of Cruella DeVille’s henchmen.

Every Tuesday night for close to four months, the cast rehearsed for this musical, memorizing their lines and learning the songs. The cast included children in grades 1-4 and the directors deserve a lot of credit for working with such a group. We were really impressed! The theatre school is owned by a couple and offers musicals for grades 1-4 and grades 3-8, along with classes in improvisation, playwriting and a comedy class.


Both Abigail and Soren continue to enjoy the experience and it was wonderful for us to witness their talent and their growth!

IMG_4759As if that wasn’t enough excitement with which to start off our holiday week, earlier today my daughter Kelsey enjoyed a “sprinkle” thrown by her girlfriends. What a wonderful event! It was brunch that included everything from mimosas to fruit sald; from French toast casserole and quiches to chicken salad on croissants; and from antipasto skewers to a magnificent charcuterie board! And we can’t forget the delicious cake decorated for “Baby Acker.”

What was unique about the “sprinkle” was the fact that it was also a virtual possibility for those friends who lived too far away to attend. With Kelsey having lived and taught in NJ, NY and now Indiana, she has accummulated many friends and several attended virtually, including my mother and sister in Florida and Kelsey’s sister-in-law in NJ.

Kelsey still has 7 weeks left before her due date – many wonder how she is going to last that long – but we celebrated the upcoming birth of a new baby boy in royal fashion today, thanks to her dear friends!  



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