Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I can count on one hand the number of days it has rained in Cape Cod since our arrival in May. As we are a day away from Labor Day weekend, we have had two days of substantial rainfall and I have been literally in the midst of it – almost to a humorous extent!

On Wednesday night, the “Women of Atlantic Oaks” had planned to go out to dinner to a local restaurant, Karoo. The native South African chef has “brought magic from Cape Town to Cape Cod” in her traditional multi-cultural cuisine, and we were determined to indulge, even with a looming high percentage of rain in the forecast! Due to Covid-19, all seating is outdoors, seemingly safe from the elements under various tents and umbrellas. 

IMG_9689We were seated under a tent, which seemed fine, but as we ordered our cocktails, the rain intensified to the point where we used three umbrellas to attempt to protect ourselves! Our drinks ranged from pomritas to pom cosmo to a gin and limoncello mixture and we toasted to a great summer season…as the rain kept falling, collecting overhead in the tent! 

IMG_9692We couldn’t help but spy a young couple sitting nearby under a very flimsy umbrella as they got totally soaked! I don’t think I have ever seen a man shovel in an entree as quickly as he did and I couldn’t help myself – I passed them on my way back to the car for yet another umbrella and remarked that I hoped it wasn’t their first date! We all laughed together as they remarked that fortunately, they had had hundreds of dates!

IMG_9690Back at our table…we started with appetizers – pakoras, samosas, and stuffed grape leaves, and then continued with entrees – Cape Malay Stew, Shrimp Peri-Peri and Salmon Cakes! And of course no meal is complete without dessert, so we shared Malva Pudding. Everything was delicious and a new culinary experience for me! I’m sure you’re wondering where the food photos are – well, how could I put my umbrella down to snap a picture!? It was great to be out with the “Women of Atlantic Oaks” regardless of the weather…it’s always an adventure!

IMG_9693This morning we had a 10:50 tee time at Chatham Seaside Links and we knew that rain, once again, was predicted. We breezed through 6 holes and put our rain jackets on when starting the 7th. We finished the 7th hole and couldn’t have been further from the clubhouse when the skies opened up and it rained torrentially! We teed off on the 8th but when a crack of thunder made us jump, we headed for the car! We love golf but have our limits!



So, what do you do if you can’t finish your round of golf? You try another new place to eat! Today it was Kream N’ Kone in Chatham. Bill had a clam strip plate – served with onion rings AND French fries, and I enjoyed a fish sandwich – gotta love it when the piece of fish is way bigger than the bun! 

We certainly made the best of a soggy situation…two days in a row! Fortunately, the Labor Day weekend here in Cape Cod looks like a perfect one – weatherwise! Enjoy!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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