From Sea Glass…to Cocktail Glass!

IMG_9372I know I’ve said it before, but a major delight in our workamping life is having family travel to visit us wherever we are. This week we were thrilled to have Bill’s daughter, Cara, and her husband, Pete, spend time with us on Cape Cod.

In spite of Covid-19, we experienced three nights and two full days of beach, sea glass, delicious food, creative cocktails, a seal cruise, and wonderful company – a traveling troupe of 4 gourmands!


Following snacks and cocktails upon Cara and Pete’s arrival, we began our culinary crusade with dinner at Breakwater Fish and Lobster Market in Brewster. While waiting for our selections ranging from clam strips and fish and chips to grilled seafood bowls, Cara and I walked next door to Guapo’s to get a margarita, only to be told we couldn’t take it off the property. Absolutely no problem as we chugged part of the drink – to the brink of brain freeze – and then conveniently placed them in Cara’s large tote bag – who knew? What a wonderful compliment to our seafood dinners!

Living on the beach in Manasquan, Cara has become an expert in finding sea glass on the shore. She has begun creating beautiful notecards and frameable pieces that she customizes for each consumer. She had done her homework and had located three specific beaches where sea glass was said to be plentiful – Skaket Beach and Race Point, both on the Cape, and Hull Beach, closer to Boston. So…


Thursday morning, we ventured to Skaket Beach in Orleans. Cara immediately took off down the shoreline in search of glass, while Pete just relaxed and Bill and I walked almost to the bay, which was a very long walk due to low tide. The numerous tidal pools created great spots for kids to explore sea life, and we were able to observe the oyster farm area, which is visible only at low tide – very cool, indeed! It was also a perfect day for kite flying! Unfortunately, the sea glass was not in abundance; in fact, Cara discovered very few pieces.


After about 2 hours, we headed to Harwich Port to take our scheduled Monomoy Seal Cruise at noon. It was a perfect day for such an adventure, and with only 20 people on the trip, it was extremely comfortable and safe! Captain Pete drove the boat, Perseverance, and by tag teaming with First Mate Mike, we learned about the harbors around Chatham, as well as the various birds and sea life in the area. Monomoy is a barrier island where harbor seals find refuge from sharks as the water near the island is too shallow for the sharks to dive down and then surprise the seals. It was almost as if the seals know when the boats are coming and they do their best to entertain the visitors. It was difficult to get really good photos of the little jokesters as just when you’d focus on one, it would disappear under the water, only to surface in a different spot! Beautiful area and a really pleasurable cruise!



With a lovely restaurant right on the harbor, how could we pass by Brax after we disembarked? We couldn’t and it was certainly time for a cocktail! We sat on the patio and shared nachos along with beer and cocktails – a “Marg My Words” for me and a “Keep Your Gin Up” for Cara!



One “Must-Have” for Cara and Pete – well at least for Cara – was a lobster roll, so our next stop was at Sesuit Harbor Cafe, home of the best lobster roll ever! Great fish shack with all seating outside on the harbor. A true Cape Cod experience! Of course we purchased key lime pie and a whoopie pie to take home for dessert! (the English teacher in me couldn’t resist the sign with a word choice/spelling problem! – “We’re glad you here!”???)

SIDEBAR…I don’t know about you but I’ve gained two pounds just writing this blog, in addition to the two I actually gained by experiencing it – and we’re not done yet!


Our destination on Friday morning was Race Point, in Provincetown, which is part of the National Seashore. We got an early start to take advantage of low tide for sea glass collection, and as Pete and Bill set up camp, Cara and I began to walk. Now, Cara’s feet are true “beach feet,” toughened by continual walking on the rocky shore – my feet, however, are not! All told we walked close to 4 miles and again the sea glass was almost non-existent. My feet experienced a natural exfoliation and the beach was amazing!


After spending almost 4 hours on the beach – you guessed it – we were hungry and thirty – so we headed back to Orleans to Hog Island Brewery and Jailhouse Tavern where we once again sampled craft cocktails  – a Racepoint Paloma and a Tavern Margarita- while the guys continued their beer consumption! We also shared their “summer salad,” wings and yes, again, nachos, this time with pulled pork!


After resting and regrouping, our time together culminated in a wonderful dinner at C-Shore, another local restaurant that has very successfully adapted and made the most of their outdoor dining capabilities. Our entrees included shrimp scampi, haddock and a chicken burrata dish and once again we sipped on delectable cocktails and even shared Boston creme pie for dessert! When in Rome…!

I’m bloating as I blog tonight, but we truly did have a marvelous time with our family and look forward to many more adventures of the four traveling gourmands!


PS. When Cara and Pete left on Saturday morning, they stopped at Hull Beach outside Boston on their way to Vermont, and Cara hit the motherlode of sea glass…take a look!

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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