Home Is Where You Park It!

Since almost everything here in San Antonio is closed, I thought I’d share what it’s like to practice social distancing while living in a 40 ft. Class A motorhome! We’re all in this together and should be taking it very seriously in order to halt the spread of Coronavirus and return our lives to what we always considered “normal.”

Although living full time in an RV and traveling the country is not considered “normal” by most, for the last 11 years it has been for us. We have been able to downsize from a home of over 2000 square feet to our motorhome which measures about 450 square feet – and we have done so very successfully. So how have our lives changed with the onset of Covid-19 ?

Well, most mornings we start our day with a trip to the gym. The gym is closed! Two mornings a week I lead a yoga class here at the resort. The yoga room, along with all gathering spots throughout the campground are closed – including the front office! So… what have we been doing for exercise, you ask? Not a problem.

IMG_8371Bill and I have been walking long distances or biking along the San Antonio Riverwalk Bike and Hike Trail, which runs right behind the RV resort. After two long walks yesterday, we decided to bike today. We turned south on the trail and pedaled the “Mission Reach” – ten-plus miles round trip. Today’s sights included a limited number of fellow bikers and walkers along with newly bloomed flowers – or pretty weeds – as well as a family of ducks we’ve been tracking since the ducklings were born!

A new sight today was a beautiful sculpture entitled “Whispers,” created by Belgian sculptor Arne Quinze in 2015. A vibrant metal creation positioned right along the Riverwalk, the sculpture has no color when viewing it from one direction and explodes with color when you pedal by from the other – really very interesting!

In addition to our daily exercising, we have stockpiled books to read and I have been cooking more than ever – after we were able to find food! I’ve also been in close contact with both of my children –

  • Matt is working remotely in an industry that is taking a major hit by this chaos; therefore, his closest group of buddies continue to carve out time for a virtual happy hour!IMG_8380


  • Kelsey, in Indiana, is also teaching from home – not only her own children, but also her classes of special needs students. She has Abigail and Soren on a daily schedule – complete with science experiments and virtual field trips – and still finds time to conference with her students and their parents! Throw in a few IEP developments and her plate is pretty full. Her husband, Ed, is also working from home so is there to help as well. Oh, and the governor of Indiana just closed all schools until May 1 at the very earliest!

So, while many friends – Americans and Canadians – have left Traveler’s World and are heading home – we ARE home, so for the time being we are staying right where we are – and believe it or not, Bill and I are still talking! Be sure to check back next week!

Stay Calm and Travel On…


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