Hasta la Vista, Amigos!

Just a quick post targeted to workampers and /or friends and followers who camp on a regular basis…

One of the best things about camping – and workamping – is meeting fellow campers. Think about it – When you stay in a hotel do you ever meet your neighbors? I venture to guess not. Such is not the case with camping. It’s almost impossible to not meet your neighbors in a campground or RV resort, as people come and go, set up camp, sit outside around a fire, grill, and more.

IMG_6472During our last few weeks of workamping at Atlantic Oaks Campground, we made it a point to get together with our co-workers outside of the work day and enjoy each other’s company! The week before Labor Day, our bosses, Katie and Dan Nussdorfer, took the entire crew out to a marvelous dinner at Rock Harbor Grill, one of our favorite restaurants in Orleans, MA. We had such a great night – cocktails, appetizers, entrees and desserts – that no one in attendance took a picture! Trust me, it was a delicious experience filled with laughter, stories about the summer at the campground, and talk about everyone’s future plans.


Dan and Katie always leave the Cape shortly after Labor Day, temporarily, with their two boys – and another due in November – to spend a week or two on Sutton Island off the coast of Maine at their family’s home there. We said our goodbyes and then continued to keep the campground operational with the two other couples that we work with. Things went smoothly but we promised to make time to gather outside of work as our time together was running out.

The first week we got together for bruschetta, salad, brats, Italian sausage, grilled Brussel sprouts, baked beans and cupcakes! We sat by the fire, and again, no one took a picture!

IMG_6554Last week, we landed at the campsite of Janet and Joel, our workamper buddies, for a Mexican feast! Joel is from Mexico, so he was the chef of the evening and really outdid himself! We dined on a chorizo/mushrooms/onions mixture, tacos, queso, and roasted vegetables, accompanied by Joel’s tequila of choice! Again, we sat by the fire and continued to share our lives and stories and plans to keep in touch! It was truly a great night!

Bill and I have now departed Atlantic Oaks but will never be totally gone! When we left two years ago, we never thought we’d be back, so who knows what the future will hold.

Hasta La Vista, Amigos! Until we meet again!

Stay Calm and Travel On…


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