Making More Maine Memories…

Throughout the last decade, as Bill and I have been living the dream, he regularly states that from time to time on our days off from workamping we need to “get out of Dodge!” We have attempted to stay true to that sentiment, so this past week, we headed to Maine for a few days. Having worked at Wells Beach Resort for three summers, we have stayed in touch with the owner, along with the managers and many other employees, and even some seasonal campers. Our plan was to connect with as many friends as possible, play a favorite golf course in the area, and of course, eat like a true Mainer!

The worst part of our trip was traveling through Boston which is unavoidable if you’re heading toward southern Maine. On Wednesday afternoon, we struggled through the city accompanied by wicked lightening and torrential rain. Upon finally arriving in Wells and checking into the Blue Horizon Motel, our first stop was Billy’s Chowder House. As you can see, the clam chowder was so good we couldn’t even stop to take a photo! My haddock bites and Bill’s clam strips were delish as well. Throw in a crisp, chilled Chardonnay and a Stella, and we were in heaven!

No trip to Wells, Maine would be complete without a trip to the Scoop Deck – you guessed it – ice cream! It was Halloween night at the ice cream shop so I took a picture of our flamingoes rather than the ice cream cones! This place is unbelievable as the list of flavors is posted on a billboard – too many to count – and I ordered a “half kiddie” (of Moose Tracks!) and could barely finish it!

Following our feast, we were off to the campground which was filled to capacity and exuding energy! We visited the office to see Donna and then down to the security checkpoint to visit with Mark, both of whom worked with us 5 years ago.


IMG_6191Thursday morning we ate breakfast at the motel restaurant which we would frequent during the summers we spent in Wells. We then stood in line at perhaps the ultimate donut shop – Congdon’s – and purchased a dozen to share with the staff at Wells Beach Resort. As most of my followers know, I love my donuts and for some strange reason we continue to find unique donut spots throughout the country. Congdon’s is indeed one of – if not the – best – and at $27 a dozen they better be! You can be sure the staff enjoyed the treat!IMG_6192

After stopping in to see several campground guests, we then spent the afternoon playing 18 holes at Dutch Elm Golf Club in Arundel, Maine. It was a picture perfect day – the weather was perfect – my game not so much! But I always have a good time on the links and today was no exception!


We rounded out our day with an absolutely delicious dinner at one of the area’s best restaurants – On the Marsh in Kennebunk. We picked up Shirley Griffin, the owner of Wells Beach Resort for the past 49 years, and I couldn’t help but luxuriate in her ocean view! We dined with Shirley, her son, Kevin, the manager, his life partner Shari, Elaine, another manager and her husband, John. From soup to nuts, an absolutely amazing meal, made all the more delicious surrounded by forever friends!


IMG_6211Friday morning we stopped back at Congdon’s to get a donut for ourselves and then headed south, stopping at one of our favorite places, the Kittery Trading Post,  affectionately referred to as the KTP! This massive store truly rivals L. L. Bean, including stuffed animals throughout the store, clothing for all, camping, fishing, hunting and watersports equipment and even food! Although neither Bill nor I are in need of anything, it’s hard to leave the KTP without something…and we didn’t! Our final stop was at the Wine and Liquor Outlet just over the border into New Hampshire – it just makes sense!

The traffic on the return trip to Cape Cod was almost worse than our initial journey, but what would you expect on a Friday afternoon in August! We certainly got “out of Dodge,” but truly had to adhere to our ongoing mantra…

Stay Calm And Travel On…

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