This is How We Party in Mulege!

IMG_1177 (4)We have really been enjoying our week in Loreto, but yesterday afternoon we traveled back up to Mulege to attend a birthday party. Jerry, our tailgunner (the last one in the caravan of RV’s), and Becky, one of our two wagonmasters (the leaders of the caravan), both celebrate birthdays in February. Four years ago, Jerry and Kathy purchased a home right on the water in Mulege in a community called Posada Concepcion, a village of 60 homes on the Sea of Cortez – very connected people – lots of activities – with most of the inhabitants being Americans or Canadians, spending their winter in the Baja – some having done so for over 25 years! In this particular village, not only is the electricity turned off every day from 10pm – 10 am, but it is also turned off from May 1 until October 1 every year!

So, this is how we party … a local band, The River Band set up on Jerry’s porch and played for four hours. Did they play Mexican music? No, they expertly played American songs we were all familiar with – everything from Riders on the Storm to Woolly Bully and Wild Thing. – the interesting thing being that they seamlessly intertwined both English and Spanish words as they demonstrated their instrumental and vocal expertise. And who were these band members? At the close of the party we sat around the beach fire and chatted with The River Band – the lead guitarist is a special education teacher, the drummer teaches sixth grade “little diablos,” the bass guitarist is a paint contractor, and the lead vocalist is a hostess at a local restaurant.

Let’s talk party food… the most delicious chiles rellenos ever, along with the biggest bowl of guac I have ever seen (and tasted), all sorts of other goodies, and a never-ending jug of margaritas! All of this was topped off with three absolutely beautiful birthday cakes – and of course The River Band led us all in a unique rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

IMG_1165 (4)The weather was a tad colder and windier than normal, but guests – and yes, the entire community was in attendance – just gathered round the two beach fires, when they weren’t dancing in the sand! Interesting to note… whereas in the States we usually purchase a “bundle” of firewood, in Mulege at Bertha’s Store, you purchase firewood by the “stick!”

Rather than drive the 80 miles back to Loreto in the dark on the curviest roads ever, Bill and I stayed overnight in Mulege, had breakfast on Santispac Beach, took a walk, hit the bano – absolute worst one yet – and then headed back to Loreto. We will be returning to Mulege on Monday for a week, but for the next three days we will continue to enjoy all that Loreto, “Pueblo Magico,” has to offer.

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