Mexican Friends, Flora, Fauna and Food!

So after three days of  no service, I finally have internet once again – sort of and can share our caravan experiences! Let’s categorize it accordingly…

Friends …

IMG_4589Of course we’ve fostered many new friendships as we travel with Baja Winters, but the “leaders of the pack.” if you will, are John and Becky Smith. John and Becky have been leading caravans to their beloved Baja for over 30 years and their enthusiasm and knowledge of the peninsula never waivers! If you are looking for a trip of a lifetime, we recommend this caravan over all others. We are experiencing Day 6 of our 30-day adventure and already we are fulfilling John and Becky’s goal – “for our customers to learn the customs of the Baja and experience all the beauty the Baja peninsula has to offer.” A finer couple can not be found!



Additionally we have made friends along the way such as Nacho, and his dog Tommy, our hosts at Terra del Valle, our bartender, Jose, at Hotel Mission Santa Maria, and Maria, the owner of El Pabellon RV Park who prepared delicious and beautiful tamales for us!

Of course we can’t forget Anna, the receptionist at Hotel Jardines, who shared her personal story of being born in Mexico, moving with her family to Kansas at the age of six and then being deported back to Mexico after a traffic stop revealed her illegal status. She was forced to leave her mother, sister and young son in the US and has not seen them since.


One last person we cannot forget is the one-man show at Rice and Beans Restaurant name Flavian. Not only did he crank out the margaritas by the dozens, but he also took orders for our group of twenty and then served each plate! Never once did he get flustered on lose that cheerful smile. In fact, the next day as we toured San Ignacio, he drove by, honked and waved, still sporting that smile!

Flora and Fauna…

Becky, the wagonmaster of our caravan, not only alerts us to oncoming traffic on the narrow and often rugged Mexican roads, but she also educates us as to what we view along the way. We have seen various wildlife such as cattle, horses, and osprey, along with the following plants: agave, crystalline ice plant. nightshade, elephant tree, boomjum, cardon cactus, lupine and more! It was difficult to snap pictures although I did get the horses, cattle (roaming the campground!) and the cardon! If any of my followers are amateur botanist, Baja Winters is the caravan to take!



My food commentary could go on forever, but suffice it to say, we are eating and drinking quite well! When traveling, Bill and I are apt to complete our own culinary contest; for example, when in New England, who makes the best chowder, or in the Florida Keys, where did we eat the best key lime pie. Well, here in the Baja – you guessed it – we are in search of the ultimate margarita!! At this point, no winner has been declared but the search will continue!


The food has also been exceptional as we have sampled tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and a clever item called a quesataco – a large tortilla that is just flipped over to look like a taco! Bill even found a hamburger which he said was good and the ice cream in San Ignacio was delicious!

We are in the town of Mulege until tomorrow and then will travel on to Loreto where our wagonmasters turn us loose and on our own for 16 days! Of course our goal on Sunday is to find a hotel, restaurant or bar that will be showing the Super Bowl! Everybody loves the Super Bowl!

Will write again as internet service allows so until then…

Stay Calm and Travel On…



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