Let Them Eat Cake…and We Certainly Did!

IMG_2893No matter where you are traveling or workamping, there are certain occasions in life that just can’t be missed. One such event was the recent celebration of my mother’s 90th birthday!

What does one “need” as a 90 year old? Another piece of clothing? More “stuff” for the home? I think not! What a nonagenarian needs is to see her family – all together in celebration of her…and that is exactly what Peggy Pinaire received! IMG_2891

Her actual birthday is July 10, so she had been celebrating all week – a multitude of cards and greetings, gifts from friends, flowers from a high school sweetheart, and dinner with the group of ladies she line dances with each week!

We don’t have a really large family but everyone found their way to San Antonio, Florida on Friday, July 13th as the festivities began! As everyone arrived, we congregated at Mom’s and shared a casual dinner. My daughter, Kelsey, and her family, along with my niece, Julia Reiser and her husband Chris had planned perfectly and were coupling the birthday celebration with a Disney trip. Bill and I flew from Michigan, while my son Matt jetted from Philadelphia and niece Alyssa Pinaire and boyfriend, Stef, arrived very late from New Jersey. The family was rounded out by my sister, Sara McConnell, who resides with my mother. How exciting and fulfilling it had to be for Peggy to be with the entire tribe! When was the last time my mom sat at a computer with her two year old great grandson, Soren, …or assumed the persona of a unicorn when five year old Abigail asked her to play.

Saturday we decided to take the birthday girl shopping! She had never been to the Premium Outlets that had opened nearby so off we went. Everyone went their own way in late afternoon to prepare for the birthday dinner later that night.

At 6 p.m. we gathered once again, this time at Kafe Kokopelli in Dade City, Florida. We had reserved the “Chandelier Room” which was perfect for our thirteen guests! We adorned Mom in a tiara and boa, sat her in the middle of the table and proceeded to toast the guest of honor and continue to eat and drink in celebration. The pictures tell the story…her gift was her family, and she has been such a blessing to every one of us!

Since we were all dispersing Sunday morning, the birthday girl lucked out – she took home a plethora of to-go boxes along with the remainder of her cake! At least we know she will be eating well this week! Of course Bill and I had to stop at a Wawa on our way to the airport to stock up on soft pretzels and Tastycakes! There are no Wawas in Michigan!

It was truly a grand affair and it was just wonderful to see the family together in celebration. As Mom said, “We’ll have to do it again for my 100th!” and you know, that is truly a possibility!

Stay Calm and Travel On…


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