“Treat a Customer Like You Would a Guest in Your Own Home”

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that in addition to exploring the area where we are workamping, we also do a great job of sampling the local cuisine. Last week we experienced what was perhaps our best meal on Cape Cod, in a place that many would never discover. Our managers, Katie and Dan, are true foodies, and they had shared this remarkable hidden gem. Finally, last week, we dined at Peddler’s Bistro in Harwich, and discovered everything we had heard to be true!!

FullSizeRender (158)

Look at the building itself! You would never imagine that this wisteria-covered structure is a bistro, granted, a petite one, including only 10 tables. In existence since 2000, the bistro is run by a French couple – Alain, the chef, and his wife Beth, who takes care of the entire front of the house with the assistance of one other gentleman. She does everything from hostess to bartend to serve, and never misses a beat. Diners know that their meal at Peddler’s Bistro will be leisurely, delicious, and thoroughly enjoyable.

The menu is limited and the specials are listed only on a chalkboard. They do not take reservations – in fact, they don’t even answer the phone! They are open Tuesday through Saturday and proudly share that they accept only cash or American Express!

Well, Peddler’s Bistro did not disappoint! Bill started with French onion soup topped with Gruyere cheese and enjoyed the special of Coquille St. Jacques Scallops which was to die for! I opted for Eggplant Provencal and devoured each and every delectable morsel! Of course we enjoyed our wine accompaniment and then decided we had to go all the way and finish with dessert – feast your eyes on our Chocolate Profiterole!

FullSizeRender (161)

Peddler’s Bistro truly lives up to its simple philosophy: Treat a customer as you would a guest in your own home.  The bistro is a special place. It transports you to another time and place – a place that everyone should experience. .

Stay Calm and Travel On…

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