How Could I Have Forgottten These Places?

Of course when you leave a workamping location, you talk about your experience with family and/or new friends as your adventure continues. In reflecting on our amazing summer in Michigan, it dawned on me that I neglected to share three very unique and delicious eating establishments, all of which truly deserve recognition.

When we first discovered Indigo Bluffs RV Resort, we had met a couple at the Tampa RV Show, Bill and Goldie, who were representing the resort. We chatted with them for quite a while and Bill shared a picture of a luscious prime rib that he claimed was the best he had ever eaten! Imagine our surprise, now at least 5 years later, when that same Bill walked into the office at Indigo during one of my shifts! I was almost positive it was the same gentleman so I asked him, “Do you have a picture of prime rib on your phone?” He chuckled and affirmed that, indeed, he did. He told us that he had experienced this perfection at Boone’s Long Lake Inn. So…you guessed it…off we go in search of prime rib! Deceiving in that the restaurant is not located directly on Long Lake, the dining room actually lacked any real atmosphere, but rather reminded us of a traditional resort restaurant that you find in our neck of the woods at the Jersey Shore. The night we went was actually not that busy and it was “All The Shrimp You Can Eat Night.” The couple sitting next to us had obviously perfected this particular weekly event as I have never seen so much shrimp on a plate and they both left with twice that much in  to-go boxes! We, of course, had to sample the prime rib and it was, indeed, as delicious as we were told! We would certainly recommend a stop at Boone’s Long Lake Inn!


In late August, we had the pleasure of seeing Steve and Marlene DeKoeyer, friends from our workamping adventure at Sun-N-Fun in Sarasota, Florida. Steve and Marlene hail from Holland, Michigan and had been viviting another workamper couple over on the east side of Traverse City. They decided to spend two days with us at Indigo Bluffs as well. Unfortunately, we had to work during the day, but Steve and Marlene had no problem keeping busy in the area, even in the rain! One night of their visit we grilled and ate at the motor home and the other evening we had planned to go out. Bill and I had driven past the packed parking lot at The Manitou several times, so we decided to give it a shot. A plus for The Manitou is that they take reservations and the meal did not disappoint! Excellent seafood, woodsy atmosphere, full bar and a delightful server all contributed to a wondrful and relaxed evening catching up with wonderful friends!

img_8598Finally, the week following Labor Day, we made our way to yet another recommended and very unique restaurant. Fischer’s Happy Hour Tavern is located in Northport, Michigan, and is known for their broasted chicken. Now chicken is not an entree that I usually choose when dining out, but Bill and I both ordered the chicken dinner and it was amazing. We started with a cup of chowder and then the dinner included 4 pieces of the best fried chicken I’ve eaten – except for my mother’s – cole slaw and potatoes. I ended up taking 2 pieces home in order to make room for a shared dessert – a cream puff filled with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate fudge. What we also liked about Fischer’s was the local atmosphere – many people there obviously knew each other, even to the point of guests moving over to make room at the bar for a couple who were definitely “regulars.” Again, a more “out of the way” tavern with a special attraction and a welcoming atmosphere – not to mention the incredible dessert – another “Must Eat” in northern Michigan!


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